American History – The Cold War. (Purposes, causes, results, etc)

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American History – The Cold War. (Purposes, causes, results, etc)

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American History-The Cold War
After the Second World War ended the Soviet Union and the United States of America emerged to be the two superpowers. These two superpowers left the second world and started preparing themselves for future war by manufacturing weapons since rebuilding Europe at that moment seemed to be an impossible thing. This process of preparing for war by the two superpowers is what was called the cold war. The cold war brought about the development of international relations. The cold was not only a struggle between the USSR and the US but it was a global conflict that affected the several countries. In this excerpt, I will examine the purpose, the causes, and the effects of the cold war.
The Purpose of the Cold War
Since after the end of the Second World War there was tension among states. The cold war was used to adopt policies that were aimed at strengthening the allied countries as they weakened others. The cold war was a verbal war that was fought mainly through, radio, magazines, newspapers, and several other propaganda methods (LaFeber 20).
Causes of the Cold War
The cold war was caused by several factors, some of the causes included: the difference between the United States of America and the Soviet Russia. The USA was against the communist ideology that was used by the Soviet Russia (Dodds 204). On the other hand, the Soviet Union did not want to be dominated by the United States of America.
The se…

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