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American History essay

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America’s History
1) Why were the founding fathers suspicious of strong central government?
The most concern that the founding fathers feared was the end of individual freedom. In a strong central government, powers would not be separated. A strong elite group would be formed that would use the government positions for their self-centered interests and motives. The founding fathers were particularly suspicious of the strong central government and as such they consistently expressed their views and insisted that they would be divisive and promote the interests of their members at the expense of the wider community (Wechsler, 524).
What were their assumptions about the nature of the federal government, state government, and the freedom of individual citizens? The founding fathers were worried that a strong and well organized central government would use its sovereign powers to intimidate and harass the individual states or their political rivals or anybody who differed with them (Wechsler, 524).
What kind of power did the federal government originally have? The federal government primarily had very little power under the Articles of the Confederation.
What kind of power did the states originally have? Originally, the states had all the power. As a matter of fact, the power was enough for them to efficiently disregard the central government and look after their interests.
Which was more powerfu…

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