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American Football

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DateAmerican Football
When playing against any team, it is essential to employ strategies that allow the team to score as many goals as possible while defending against the opposition. Applying effective offensive plays ensures that the opposing team scores minimal goals. As the coach, I would employ the running game offensive strategy (Morris 1). I would advise my players to engage the zone blocking play. In this play, every player tries to block the man in their region.
This tactic allows my players to apply physics in the field as blocking a specific person makes them have to move around a lot which provides one with more leverage. Using this tactic also ensures that the defense cannot determine whether to execute a run or a pass beforehand (Morris1). The players at the line of scrimmage are continually moving in an east-west direction which ensures they are in a ‘high-hat’ position at all times (Morris 1).
My defensive formation would be the 4-3 formation. In this formation, I would position four of my most active players at the line of scrimmage and have three linebackers (Hutchison 1). The third member of the defensive team will handle the tight end or any zones over the middle of the field. The cornerbacks will then disrupt any pass attempts made by the opposition (Hutchison 1). This formation is highly flexible which means I can switch up the positions during the game. Since my players are fast, I believe this formation will serve a…

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