America at War

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America at War

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America at War
World War II
 What various visions of freedom were articulated during the war, and by whom? In your response, be sure to consider African Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, women, and other stakeholders.
During the War, many Americans, African-American, Asian-Americans, e.t.c. believed they were fighting for freedom. However, the term freedom was viewed differently by different people. Norton, Mary Beth, et al. suggest that African Americans; both free and enslaved became familiar with the concept of equality (211). Thus, just like the whites, the African Americans fought for their freedom from slavery, having witnessed the benefits of unity. For example, Gabriel; a slave who was a blacksmith, urged the African-Americans to fight for their freedom by spearheading staged revolts (Norton, Mary Beth, et al. 211). Along with the fight against fascism, they took advantage of the war to fight for their freedom. James Forten protested against the move by some whites to limit blacks from entering the state by passing a law. He viewed it as a violation of freedom of race and ethnicity (Johnson and Michael 199).
Why is World War II referred to as “the good war”?
The name results from the perception we had of our nemesis. The enemy was well known and the objective of the war was clear; to eradicate fascism created by the Soviet Union. The American people accepted the move by the government to fight against racism in pla…

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