Amending the Constitution

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Amending the Constitution

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Amending the Constitution
How to amend the Constitution to improve the Supreme Court or federal judiciary
Amending the US constitution remains the most complicated task and process. The complicated nature of the process is to avert rampant cases of changing the articles of the constitution by introducing new closes. It was also made difficult to avoid abuse by the ruling class who would introduce laws that suit their interests including policies. Since the launching of the US constitution in the year 1789, it has been amended only 27 times. The limited number of times depicts how difficult and vigorous nature of the process, however, it can still be done.
As noted by, Amending the US Constitution especially the clauses that touch on the bill of rights, the judiciary, federal courts, Supreme Court, and policy areas are very difficult. The protection of the articles of any form of abuse was to promote the independence of the institutions and irregular alteration of the bill of rights including other sensitive articles that affect the majority directly or indirectly. The unsuccessful amendment trials are common in the US history because the proposals have not been receiving adequate support. Other hindering factors are the cost involved in executing the constitutional amendments and acceptance by all federal governments. This has made some of the amendments to be done under Acts of Parliament that does not overrule the cons…

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