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Conduct an experiment and record the data
Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1. Frequency table for data distribution
Distance in meters that tennis ball is thrown by kindergarten pupils (m) Number of pupils (frequency)
1 2
2 4
3 7
4 5
5 7
6 3
7 15
8 13
9 10
10 6
Create a histogram

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1. Histogram of distance in meters that a tennis ball is thrown by kindergarten pupils against the number of pupils that throw the distanceWhat is the shape of the histogram
The histogram shape is random with no apparent pattern having many peaks.
How would you expect the data distribution to look?
I would expect the data distribution to be random with no distinct pattern and with many peaks and modes.
This random pattern with many peaks has been introduced by variations noted for the kindergarten pupils’ ages, sizes, gender, and race. In essence, the demographic peculiarities noted for the pupils have introduced many classes that have in turn caused the random distribution.
Does it look like a normal curve? Why?
No, it does not look like a normal curve.
That is because it is asymmetric with a notable skew towards the right. Additionally, the mean is not at the center, there are more than one peak, the standard deviation predictions do not follow the normal distribution rules (68-95-99.7 rule). In essence, it does not present Gaussian distribution thereby making it clear that it is not a normal curve.
How do the results differ from yo…

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