Ambiguity in History: Challenging Perspectives.

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Ambiguity in History: Challenging Perspectives.

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Jackson Andrew began his rule in 1829. He regarded as a powerful president and an indication of the US democracy; he is as well known for his loyalty to the people. However, during his era as a president, Jackson encountered several challenges, and it is believed that he did not bring many changes. He had many promises such as a change in democracy, promotion of equality, fair representation, and the establishment of morality in the government. There were inconsistency and ambiguity in the way he handled several issues, therefore, making it difficult to judge his actions as either victorious or failure.
Jackson implemented a policy of rotating in the federal office and the restructuring of the cabinet during his time. He went ahead and offered his proponents the positions while eliminating the individuals that opposed him. Historians such as Robert Remini supported the idea and claimed that it was sincere because the policy intended to demolish corruption and power dominion which in turn guarded the American dream. Jackson’s success was determined by a cooperative bureaucracy which is the reason behind the policy. Other historians nonetheless criticized the system deeming it as the worst practice. The theory was termed as a spoils method. The procedure was not a democratic organization, but then it was not entirely overruled hence counted a success.
He was also condemned fo…

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