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Amber case study revised

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Amber: Psychosocial Theory
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Student development in colleges and other learning institutions is often defined by the nature of parental care given to the student. Quite often, students who receive pivoted attentions form their parents regarding decision-making face a hard task in making choices that suit their interests. It is essential for children, not alone students, to make choices that suit them according to their interest. By doing this, the children get to define their confidence and end up pursuing their course of interest in higher education levels. Even so, parent’s interjection into their choices are still important but should not be ultimate. Parents should be careful to know the limits upon which they make opportunities for kids. For instance, there is no any in parents forcing an art-loving kid into pursuing sciences in college or other higher learning institutions. Such a case can derail the student’s interest in doing his or her best thus not achieving dreams that were defined by passion.
Amber: Psychosocial Theory
The parental that Amber received in her stages of growth greatly defined her psychosocial status. From the Amber case study, it is blatant that Amber was in most instances held indoors. In addition, Amber had less degree of freedom regarding her life choices. From the study, most of the decisions that mattered to Amber were made by her parents, a condition that affected not only her psychosocial status b…

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