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Amazon Final Report

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Executive Summary
The report herein outlines the establishment and rise of the Amazon as a company; it is the world’s largest online retailer. During the growth phase, Amazon had to overcome lots of professional accounting, public relations, and management challenges, among many others (Kastantin, 1988, p.145). Also, the report addresses the background information of the company.
Despite lots of challenges facing young businesses, research shows that Amazon thrived against all the odds to survive, hence becoming the world’s number one online retailer. Statistics shows that since the emergence of the company in 1994 until 2015, it has accommodated a whopping three hundred and four million active customer accounts. Also, the firm has around fifty-four million prime members (Schneider, 2017). Each premium member pays 99 dollars annually to access Amazon’s premium privileges such as movies, videos, and music streaming among others. The company attracts millions of customers who make purchases either using computers or mobile devices. In 2014, Amazon’s marketplace facilitated the sale of more than two billion products.
The report shows that Amazon ranks highly among the online retailers. Also, the report indicates that the considerable firm is growing bigger. From the Amazon case study, we can learn about the e-business strategy issues and how to tackle them effecti…

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