Amand.2. Employees values

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Amand.2. Employees values

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Employees Values
The action by the management to embrace employee recognition is significant in enhancing the performance of the entire team in the organization. Ideally, employee recognition refers to the process of acknowledging the contribution of the employees in the general productivity of the firm (Luthans, 2000, P. 33). It may entail aspects such as rewarding the most performing employees and also acknowledging the fact that employees are valuable items to the organization therein. Furthermore, employees undertake a significant proportion of the organization operational activities and hence without the workers, the business is considered to be void. In this case, the management needs to develop mechanisms that unite the employees and ensure that they operate in unison to attain a common objective (McEwan et al., 2017, P. 15).
While various organizations may adopt numerous strategies to steer their workers towards enhancing operational efficiency, employee recognition is a fundamental approach that aids in achieving employee motivation. It is worth noting that once the employees are motivated, they tend to strive and make the set targets repeatedly. Employee recognition can exist in various forms including material rewards and other non-material aspects. Commonly, most of the organizations often prai…

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