Alternative types to traditional marriage

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Alternative types to traditional marriage

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Alternatives to Marriage
There are various reasons that make a person not get married. Some fear that the marriage will not work and it will eventually lead to divorce. The marriage institution has of late been discussed all over the social media. Therefore, for those who choose not to get married you need not worry as there are other possible alternatives to marriage and you end up living a happy life just like other couples.
One common alternative to traditional marriage is cohabitation. This type of marriage is very easy, and you absolutely do nothing. It is living together, and there is no string attached between the two people. The good thing about this type of marriage is that there is a lot of freedom (Lichter et al. 66). There is no individual who is submissive as there are no strings attached. However, Cohabitation type of marriage is somehow lonely, and in most cases, the couple cannot have their own children unless they decide to adopt. It is most common to old people who need no love as there are beyond that. It is a free marriage; therefore, it becomes almost impossible to agree on little things like other couples do.
The second and most important alternative is a domestic partnership. It is almost similar to a civil union, but it can be offered on a state as well city level. Rules on domestic partnering will vary from one state to another. One advantage of this type of marri…

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