Alternative Energy

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Alternative Energy

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Alternative Energy
The use of non-renewable energy is one of the major factors that have contributed to the increased environmental challenges that are facing the planet today. In order to address these environmental problems, alternative sources of energy should be advocated (Virtual Energy Lab 2). However, this comes at a relatively higher cost, but there could be variations based on location.
The objective is to determine the alternative energy that would be most advantageous. Some of the factors to be considered will include the impact of the energy on the environment, cost of producing energy and its availability in various locations.
Alternative energy is less costly if it is locally available within a given location or region.
Based on the data collected and the analysis, solar energy was determined to be the most efficient and cost-effective alternative energy. Most parts of the world experience sunny seasons at a certain period during the year. Since the sun is not always available throughout the year, it could be complemented by wind and hydro energy.
Nonrenewable energy is the source of energy that cannot be renewed, replaced or the rate of its replacement is much slower as compared to the rate of its consumption. Renewable energy is the type of energy that can be replaced at a higher rate and within a short period. Inexhaustible energy is th…

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