Alternative Energy Case Study Outline

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Alternative Energy Case Study Outline

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Oil and Alternative Energy Sources
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There is a looming problem arising in America due to overconsumption of oil. The world consumes over 80 million barrels daily. The rate of consumption is much higher than the rate of production. This has brought about a shortage in the commodity. The alternative sources of energy though have a substantial impact on the environment. This paper will analyze the historical development of the energy crisis and examine the long-term effect of the crisis on the environment.
Over the years there has been a decrease in the production of oil. Though the earth is considered as an infinite source of energy the production rate for oil though is quite low. The consumption of oil, on the other hand, is increasing each day, with the consumption of oil in the United States being estimated to be 7.91 billion barrels in 2002. This leaves a deficit in the oil of over 5.2 barrels. Of the highest consumers of oil, the transportation sector is seen to use up to 70% of the oil produced CITATION New06 l 1033 (Newton, Dillingham, & Cholly, 2006). This necessitated finding solutions to this a looming problem. This included harnessing fossil fuels, coals, petroleum and natural gas. These energy sources though have a negative impact on the environment.
The mining of coal has a substantial environmental impact. They emit greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Coals are also naturally radioactive and contrib…

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