Allusion in Frankenstein

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Allusion in Frankenstein

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Allusion in Frankenstein
Appendix C: The Education of the monster: Volney, Goethe, Plutarch, Milton, Wollstonecraft
Moreover, the monster, though he is fond of comparing himself to Milton characters, knows that there are significant differences between his story and either Adams or Satan’s: God in pity made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image; but my form is filthy type of yours, more horrid from its very resemblance (Shelley, 252). Here, Shelley seems not to refer to the gun in Geneva in 1816 directly, Byron’s Manfred, where the people who created the gun to destroy themselves (Shelley, 252). Victor was once Adam turns to be Satan. As man increased in the knowledge, it led to him killing other humans and pushing them out of their homes. Satan is referring to himself as the fallen angel. There is deep irony in the sentence as man destroys himself with what they thought would win their battle. The monster is different from man, from the fact that it is made from the likeness of God. Increase in knowledge has caused the monster to destroy human life. As knowledge increased so did the destruction of man continue? The monster is trying to show that he is unwanted since he describes himself as an animal that is filthy. The monster is trying to separate the love between man and God by making Eve. This is an analogy is trying to show how Victor made guns to fight against fellow mankind. Milton is characteriz…

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