Alexander the Great Annotated Bibliography

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Alexander the Great Annotated Bibliography

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Alexander the Great
Jarus, Owen. “Alexander the Great: Facts, Biography & Accomplishments”., 2017. The website, updated on 30th August 2017, includes the view that Alexander the Great possessed several great achievements. One of them includes defeating the land stretching to India from the Balkans that occurred when he was Macedonia’s ruler. Some of his achievements before becoming a powerful ruler included; taming a horse at a young age, and being able to conquer the Thracian community when he was only sixteen years of age. The website includes a comprehensive review of the ruler’s life with much focus put on his accomplishments including his legacy. The background of the article’s writer is not highlighted. However, the website is a credible source as it includes factual information that aligns with other historical works on the subject. It can be viewed that the intended audience is individuals interested in getting a summary of the life and achievements of Alexander the Great. The work aligns with views highlighted by the scholars in regard to the territories that Alexander conquered and the associated influence. However, it focuses more on his accomplishments when compared to the negative implications associated with his rule. The work illuminates the bibliography topic as it focuses on Alexander’s accomplishments and influences a…

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