Alcohol consumption

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Alcohol consumption

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Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol destroys marriages and has led to broken families
People who consume alcohol are more vulnerable to accidents
Alcohol consumers are more prone to violence
Alcohol consumption is assumed to be an independent variable. The researchers attempt to manipulate the amount of alcohol to see its effects on health.
The research was quantitative as it tries to assess alcohol quantities and their impact on human health. Markedly, excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to the body as compared to zero consumption.
Belluz cites that low-income earners are more likely to take beer and spirit that have bad health consequences than wine (n.p). There is a relationship between socioeconomic status and alcohol-related health problems.
Belluz says that scientists rely on observational studies that are not controlled (n.p). Again, he feels that the researchers came to the wrong conclusion since they did not consider confounding factors.
The study uses an experiment approach as it tries to explain the blood alcohol content using average weight (water percentage) in men and women. Besides, it also validates that very moderate drinking is both beneficial and risky (Achenbach n.p).
The M.A.C.H study was longitudinal because the participants were to be followed for a long period (six years). This approach was preferred over cross-sectional because it could generate reliable results.
Yes. Some bias…

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