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air toxins

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Air Toxins
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Health is a crucial attribute that enhances an improvement in the quality of life. However, the pollutants can affect the safety of the environment. Aspects such as air pollution which is evident through the air toxins can change the health state of the living things. Air toxins include the air pollutants which are in low concentration and can cause severe effects on the living creatures. It is essential to devise mechanisms that reduce exposure to the air toxin. The paper explores on air toxins as well as the necessary steps to minimize the exposure.
Exposure to Air toxins
The air toxins are hazardous to the life of the living things. Examples of the air toxins include burning fuels, emission from motor vehicles, industrial emissions and products such as paints (Samet & Chung, 2017). However, the organic compounds are also examples of air toxins and can lead to the formation of the ozone layer. Exposure to the air toxins can lead to cancer which is an adverse health condition. However, the air toxins can also lead to respiratory disorders as well as congenital disabilities.
Individuals living in places with an increase in wood heating can be subjected to the concentration of the hydrocarbons which are air toxics. However, individuals living in the urban areas, as well as industrial places, can be subjected to air toxics. The emission from the motor vehicles in the urban locations is apparent and can…

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