Ain’t No Makin’ it by Jay MacLeod

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Ain’t No Makin’ it by Jay MacLeod

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Ain’t No Makin’ it by Jay MacLeod
Ain’t No Makin’ It is a story about inequality in the human society, how it affects the lifestyles of people and how such equality can be transferred from one generation to another. It is based on the lifestyles of two groups of young people living in the Clarendon Heights low-income housing project. One of the groups, the Hallway Hangers, was made up of young white men while the other group, the Brothers. Had black members mostly. The story presents a comparison of the two groups giving an account of how poverty is passed on from one generation to another through the two groups. The second part of the book presents the lives of the members of the two groups eight years later. Both groups were still held up in poverty, and they struggled with the labor market. Unfortunately for the two groups, the urban industrial decline stood in the way of their economic success, and their situations did not make it any better.
The Hallway Hangers were undereducated, and most of them were either unemployed or imprisoned. Eventually, they ended up seeking solace in racism and sexism. The Brothers, on the other hand, were no better either. None of their teenage dreams came true as a result of the same fate of misfortunes, and they too ended up giving up on their dreams and aspirations as a result of the tool that racism had on them.Later on, MacLeod goes back to Clanderon Heights when the young men were a…

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