Age Discrimination At IBM

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Age Discrimination At IBM

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Journal: IBM is Being Sued for Age Discrimination After Firing Thousands
Providing equal employment opportunity without age discrimination is one of the most significant factors in a work environment. Specifically, firms need to adopt better ways of enhancing efficiency than adopting age discrimination in an organization. This article explores the unethical practices and treatment of employees at the International Business Machines Corporation. The author uses a lawsuit presented by Shannon Liss-Riordan in the Manhattan federal court. For the past seven years, IBM has systematically laid off old staffs purposely to bring in the youthful and energetic workforce. The case presented to Shannon by former employees draws a report from the ProPublica which was published in March 2014 stating that IBM had fired approximately 20, 000 staffs who are beyond 40 years within the last six years.
In my opinion, Shannon Liss-Riordan representing Lichten &Liss Riordan advocates in Boston has championed workers against age discrimination. In this case, the employees took a crucial role in fighting for their place in the organization against being laid off without any basis. From the analysis of the lawsuit, the report is said to have broken the age discrimination regulation. Therefore, fired employees with no basis for job termination should be compensated. Subsequently, I support for compensation since the ProPublica can account for…

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