African American soldiers in the Vietnam War

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African American soldiers in the Vietnam War

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African American Soldiers in the Vietnam War
Most people experience war and violence at different times of their lives. Violence has many disadvantages. It leaves people homeless, some people lose their friends and families, people also lose their wealth. More often than not, there are survivors of most wars that live to tell the story. The story is sometimes told from their physical appearance or the physical harm they went through. They are also left traumatized by the wars. Some individuals have to go through counseling to help them move on with their lives. However, the things they witness never leave their minds. They sometimes describe the occurrences as though they are from the previous day (Duke and Tony, 26).
To understand what happened in Vietnam, it is important to get information from a survivor. Looking at Annthy Thao Nguyen, who was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1956, we see the pain and suffering caused by the war. Annthy had a normal childhood being the seventh born in a family of eleven children. She received an education just like any other child. Things were normal until when she was in college, in her second year, when Vietnam fell apart. When the war broke, her parents and siblings fled to a different country leaving her behind. They never intended to leave her, but they thought she was dead and, therefore, decided to flee to safety (Nguyen).
A family is a support that human beings want to have at …

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