African American Museum

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African American Museum

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African American Museum
My first impression before I entered the African American museum was that of awe and shock. I had never seen such a magnificent building. I think that the first impression determines whether or not visitors will enjoy their tour in the museum.
The management of traffic flow in the museum was excellent. The management had set a policy that not more than three groups would be allowed in the same venue to avoid overcrowding and congestion. Entrance and exit paths were strategically placed and were large enough to accommodate many people.
The interior design of the museum was such that it stimulated all your senses. The colors, the arrangement, the lighting, and the sound was all done intriguingly (Burns, 6). For example, dull colors were used to represent the tragedies, pain, and suffering that the African American people went through while bright colors represented their victories and happy moments.
The exhibits were organized in an order starting from the earliest collections to the most recent ones. This order was very logical as it allowed visitors to have a consistent understanding of what they were learning.
On the day I visited the museum the main groups that had visited the site were high school students who were taking a unit in history. The museum was an appealing place to the high schools because it had an attractive package for students which included reduced ticket prices, fre…

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