Affect of Policy on Public Administration

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Affect of Policy on Public Administration

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Affect of Policy on Public Administration
The government, public and interest groups all play a part in drafting policy and laws. These different groups also depend upon and influence each other. Public policy is a procedure of selecting strategies and making decisions. Steps included in public policy making are but not limited to policy formation, getting of agenda, policy implementation, and policy adoptions. These policies are usually assessed to see the anticipated outcomes and to amend existing and potential public projects and programs (Kørnøv and Wil 195). Public administration pertains to the institutionalized principles, organizational compositions, and managerial operations that officials endorse in the quest for the implementation of policies and laws as well as enact the governments’ will (Lynn 2). Public administration deals with how to successfully pursue policy goals through layered administrative systems that consist of the nongovernment and government entities. There is no apparent difference between politics and administration in the improvement of public administration and government policy. The administrators take part in administrative proceedings by advocating legislation as much as by making policy assessments in carrying out the laws. This paper will discuss how different groups affect what laws go into effect.
The United States has over the years been a country of joiners. They have a protracted record of …

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