Advertising on School Grounds

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Advertising on School Grounds

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Advertising on School Grounds: An Unethical Marketing Practice
The minds of the young ones are like sponges; they grasp as fast but their analytical skills are still scanty. Child psychiatrists have imposed strongly on how the youth are able to develop as fast as they do because of the capacity of their young minds to grasp what they want to learn about (Goldstein. 212). Along with this though, the experts also recognize the fact that the capacity of a child to critically analyze what he sees or hears as a means of giving meaning to such matters is still unsupported by facts and theories that are most likely available to older individuals confronted with the same ideas (Adcock, 15). This is the primary reason why it is not advisable for marketing portfolios and paraphernalia to be presented and displayed on school grounds.
Relatively though, as strategic as modern marketers are, knowing the fact listed herein about young individuals whose minds are still budding out and are still developing gives them determinable idea that marketing or creating ads that would attract children would be the best option they could take in order to up their sales in specific products that children might be interested in (Adcock, 15). Some marketers of common household products even go through the process of examining how to make their product presentations more child-friendly just so to get the attention of…

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