Adult Learning

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Adult Learning

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Having read the chapter two and the main features that entail adult learning, then I am pleased to make an evaluation on my courses that I have taken in my campus over the few years and their sensitivity pertaining adult learning. Yes, it is true that adult learning is completely different from children learning. Thus, my evaluation over the last few years is that I have realized that our instructors handle us in a much different manner as compared to kindergarten, junior or senior school.
One of the analyses that I made was that in most cases, we would have classes and take-home assignments are handed to us to research. Most of us would do at our time frame without much stress, in short, we enjoyed being self-directed than being pushed to learn. Our courses were directly related to what we were practicing to do in our lives after campus and had a direct relation to our profession. It was exactly what we wanted, something related and applicable to our vocation and life.
Also, we enjoyed studying in an environment that was stress-free. There were no pressures on what we should do and could take gaps between degrees. This way, we could also concentrate on having part-time jobs to support us. This is what adult learning is about! An environment that is stress-free yet supportive. Also, adults become more motivated to learn in an environment where they can expound on their interest and needs that learning process will sat…

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