Adolescent Viewpoints

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Adolescent Viewpoints

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Adolescent Viewpoints
Personal perception or self-esteem among adolescents is highly influenced by body image, media, peer influences, family status and school. Family and physiological ability can affect self-image development. The trial of independence at adolescence is associated with significant drops in self-esteem. Its reality is overwhelming and these young individuals may feel diminished and experience future shock.
Socioeconomic Status. The level of self-esteem among adolescents tends to decline as the family income decreases. Interpersonal relationships are key to self-development as iterated by Adamson (581), who suggests that, “the development of adolescents depends on interaction with others”. Children who perceive their families as poorer have problems of experiencing life satisfaction. Adolescents from rich families exhibit positive mental health except but limited by other factors. Low self-esteem can also be induced by social issues within the family like violence, neglect, and family separation.
Racist Society. Racism is social classification which determines the distribution of risks and opportunities in most societies. Advantages and disadvantages among different races affect how children view themselves. Racial differences are also brought about by socioeconomic status and access to resources. Racism affects the perception and outcomes among adolescents.
Disability Perception. Disab…

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