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Admissions Essay

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How I Plan to Pursue My Academic Interests at USC
I have always had a great love for medicine ever since I was a child. My interest in science and fascination with the way the human body functions motivated into pursuing this noble career. Aside from the appeal for science, my enthusiasm for medicine has been the culmination of experience and personal discovery. I have seen people struggle with moderate to severe skin conditions with little help as they cannot find a system that works for them. These experiences increased my passion for a caring profession. I consider the opportunity to join this field as a way of preventing people from suffering. I want to make people feel powerful, influential, beautiful, and capable by pursuing a career in dermatology.
Once accepted into UCS, I plan to pursue a pre-med prior to joining the school of medicine and majoring in cosmetic dermatology. I believe that the institution’s rigorous curriculum will provide me with the proper education that I require to fulfil my dreams. After completing my undergraduate program, I anticipate to continue with my studies and receive a Doctorate Degree in Cosmetic Dermatology. I plan on taking advantage of the different course programs in USC and completing all my academic requirements from this institution. With the education that I will receive from this institution, I will be able to help people who rely on artificial products to conceal painf…

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