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Admission Essay Nursing

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Nursing as a Vocation or Profession
Nursing is an important career option. As Harrion puts it, nursing is a career that enables one to help save lives of people, brings optimism and relief to those in need through specialized care (Harrion 54). As a career, nursing is quite rewarding and gratifying because of the cheer that it brings to individuals and families. Personally, I chose nursing as a profession rather than a vocation. Reasons could be many, but the major ones are discussed as under.
In my career, I have always desired to do something that is interesting, challenging, and gives me an opportunity to make a difference in lives of people day in day out. The nursing profession will allow me to learn the meaning of life by imparting me with knowledge and skills to deal with several elements of patient care. According to Harrion, every life is a gift, and for one to learn this well, it is important to engage in a professional course in an accredited college of professional nursing, and know how to apply principles of social, physical, and biological science in the nursing practice (p.55).
I have a hunch that taking a professional nursing course in college will strengthen my commitment and interest in the field since I have a constructive atitude for work. As a professional nurse, I will have the opportunity to practice in diverse medical settings, and appreciate the experience of learning a variety of routines in different facilities….

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