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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay
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Admission Essay
After graduating from [Insert University] with [insert specific nursing course] in [year], my first job was a family nurse practitioner (FNP). The role involved diagnosing and managing chronic illness such as diabetes, providing health and wellness care to infants and women, treating minor injuries and taking care of patients with episodic illness in all age groups. Initially, I had not really thought about my career path, but I found the experience worth and all I have been thinking about is advancing professionally. Therefore, I chose to take a master of science in Nursing FNP specialty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing.
Given that I now understand my career goals in a more precise manner, I chose the University of Alabama- Birmingham for two key reasons. First, the tuition fees of $555 are affordable, and I can support my studies out of my savings. Secondly, the university is ranked the 8th best in the US as far as MSN and DNP are concerned. That implies that with successful completion of MSN I will still have the opportunity of advancing to DNP without having to change schools. Earning MSN will give me an opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge and help me advance in practice. According to Moore and Watters (2013), MSN provides the advancing NP with an opportunity to utilize evidence-based practice (EBP) to the advantage of the population. In the past, I mainly dealt…

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