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Biological and Psychological Birth Order
Biological and Psychological Birth Order
According to Adler, there is to do with birth order when it comes to parents’ response to their children. He believed that birth order contributed to the child’s developing personality therein crucial in developing character. Biological birth sees the connections to the natural process that ensures bringing forth life, putting into consideration the order to which the individuals were born in the family (Black et al, 2018). With birth order seeing to the belief of determining the development of personality in people, the order can be numerical from the firstborn to the last.
Consequently, Adler suggests that psychological birth order has its relations to the perception that they have in the family regardless of their natural birth order. It is the phenomenon that manifests itself in mental and emotional experiences, therein bringing about the perception that they receive (Rohrer et al, 2015). Therefore, he agrees to psychological birth order being the subsequent roles ascribed to the siblings instead of considering the actual order of birth that they conform to from their parents.
As stipulated by Adler, parents, children and extended family members make up a family constellation, wherein birth order determines the lifestyle choices made by the family members (Black et al, 2018). It is in the psychological birth order that the family members see to their molding. For…

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