Addressing Bias

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Addressing Bias

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[Appraisal of implications and solutions to biases in nursing, specialty of education]
Eva Houston
Doctor Edmonds
Foundational Concepts and Applications
Since healthcare is second to the government, there has been conscious and unconscious biases (a prejudice towards something or someone) of healthcare professionals towards patients. For instances, racial biases have been implicated in a number of healthcare discrepancies due to unequal treatments of patients and colleagues (Clark, 1997). Nursing practice and patient outcomes have been affected by a number of prejudices such as; abortion, sexuality, racial discrimination, ethnicity, religion, and obesity. This issue has significantly compromised the quality of healthcare services given to patients in hospitals not to mention the health and economic repercussions we witnessed with the general population (Maslach & Jackson, 2013). This paper seeks to assess and find solutions to the biases in nursing practice, in the education specialty.
Impacts of biases in nursing, education specialty
Racial and ethnic diversity in our world today is a significant bias that has dramatically impacted nursing in the line of education. The question of who should take the nursing training whether the blacks or the whites, women or men is a topic that has brought considerable controversy in both the training and practice of nursing. For instance, in education, you will find that men are r…

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