Addiction and Dependency

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Addiction and Dependency

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M5 Discussion B: Reflections on Learning
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M5 Discussion B: Reflections on Learning
Based on the course, there are various takeaway lessons that one can attain. Personally, there are different “take away” learning points that I have achieved from this course. First, there is still high use of illegal substances among the people. Even with drive by the public policy to change state regulations in the integration of addiction and mental health services, cases of addiction are still on the rise. Socioeconomic status also plays a vital role in addiction cases. Such groups of individuals usually face both social and even political barriers to advancement, such as institutional discrimination. They, therefore, resolve to high dependency on drugs leading high level of addiction. Secondly, harm reduction is essential in addressing the conditions of substance users (Marlat et al., 2012). Through proper harm reduction, addiction and various consequences of substance use can be reduced.
Thirdly, accepting that substance use is part of our current world is an essential part towards reducing their dependency and addiction levels. There is a need to understand that substance abuse is a complex and multi-faced phenomenon is essential towards coming up with ways of reducing addiction. It is only through acceptance that addiction and dependency levels on substance use can be reduced. The fourth “take away” lesson involves understanding…

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