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Studies have shown that the ages at which parents expect their children to attain certain development milestones vary depending on cultural background. This study explored the influence of culture on child development by analyzing Anglo-Australian mothers (n=40), Anglo-Australian fathers (n=40) and Indian-Australian mothers and their expectation of onset of seven developmental traits in their children. Results obtained that Indian-Australian mothers expected their children to exhibit late expectation in emotional control, Compliance, and self-care. These are traits associated with cultures that embrace individualism like the Australians culture. In the rest, her expectations had no significant difference with the rest of the parents, and in education, her expectations were earlier. Minorities value academics highly as it is viewed as a means of breaking social and structural barriers. This means that they are integrating and interpreting new information depending on the demands of their new surroundings that they want their children to fit in.
Keywords: Anglo-Australian, Indian Australian, Competency, Expectation.
Parenting and culture have a relationship that dates long back in history in social sciences and more so psychology. Childcare givers shape the development young ones through the child-rearing practices they employ in addition to the knowledge, values, goals, and beliefs they impa…

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