Accounting Textual Analysis Essay

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Accounting Textual Analysis Essay

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Accounting Soft Skills
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Accounting Soft Skills
As the business and the corporate world evolve so are the various professionals who work in the different industries. It has prompted the need to emphasize on the acquisition of soft skills for the various professionals especially the accountants. An article by the Global Accountant places much emphasis on the need for soft skills in the accounting profession and appeals to employers to hire accountants who are not only competent in technical skills but in soft skills and communication skills as well. It is the work of the accountant to compute and analyze figures. However, there arises the need to interact with fellow employees especially in speaking about the different figures and their analysis. They have to come down to a level that anyone without accounting knowledge will understand (A Hard Look at Soft Skills. 2013). Recently, there is a great shift in the role of accountants mainly being divided into four sections, the collection of relevant data, its analysis, offering decision support and taking part in decision making (A Hard Look at Soft Skills. 2013). These roles require interaction with either the management or other subordinate staff, and it requires effective communication to enhance understanding and better still creating a conducive environment to interact with them.
A few tips on acquiring and nurturing soft skills include striving to communicate effectively in a manner…

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