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Accounting summary

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Accounting summary
Topics covered in chapter 13
Chapter 13 talks about an introduction to accounting and business. From the readings, the chapter defines what cash flow is and its importance to an organization. I an organization set up, cash flow is significant. Cash flow reports, cash payment, and cash receipts are involved in three major activities in a company. These activities are financial activities, operating activities and investing activities (Almeida, 76). These three are the main topics covered in chapter 13. Cash flow from the on the side of events is tasked with reporting inflows and outflows that are related to companies long stockholders and long-term liabilities. Another major area covered is cash flows and operating activities. When a cash flow reports cash flow from producing an event, it is later followed by similar cash flows from financing and investigating activities. We should not confuse cash flows from investigating the operation and cash flow from financing activity. Something important also discussed in chapter 13 is how gains and losses are either deducted or added to the net income.
Importance of topics covered in chapter 13
It is only a fool who can underestimate the importance of cash flows in a company. We can learn that a company can be affected in its operation by those transactions that do not involve money. The cash that a company oper…

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