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Accounting Book Report

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Othello as Tragic Hero
On page 31, Othello says, “Speak of me, as I am. Nothing extenuate, Nor set down aught malice.” He then continues to lament as he tells Iago and Lod how thoughtless he was and blames his violent reactions. This part got my attention since Othello, who had been eloquent in his words and reconsidered his actions in whatever he did, has come to realize that he had a fatal flaw. He goes on to takes his own life, which states that he is dying upon a kiss. He stabs himself after reconciling to his failings and admits that he is to blame for whatever he did. To Othello, his emotions are driven by wrongful acts he believes he did. I also noticed that even though he felt that he was the cause of his thoughtlessness, Cas thought that he was still great at heart. He becomes a tragic hero who dies because of the wrong actions he feels that are haunting him and can only accept them when he dies with dignity.
Work Cited
Aristotle. Poetics. London: Duckworth, 2018. Print. Retrieved from

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