Access to Credible Medical Information

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Access to Credible Medical Information

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Access to Credible Medical Information

Access to Credible Medical Information In contemporary times, there is much information on the internet, basically, on any subject imaginable. However, the authenticity of the information remains an issue worth consideration (“Cite a Website – Cite This For Me,” 2018). Much of the information on the internet is incorrect; this may be a reason of the author’s prejudices. It takes a keen eye and literacy on the identification of the right sources of information to properly utilize the available data.

Access to information may occur through the internet or via the traditional way that is the library. The ability or freedom to identify, obtain and make use of information is what constitutes that act of access to information. Access to information is a limited right that governments do not allow its free exercise. Some internet sites cannot get accessed in some countries; hence a person in a country like Iran does not have access to information like a citizen or resident in the USA.
Not all information on the internet is credible. On the internet, some of the reliable websites are those run by organizations, multinationals, professional bodies, schools, and research organizations. In addition to knowing the author of the information, credible literature should provide citations and links to external sources for further reading (“Our commitment to reliable health and medical information,” 2018). Credible sites consist of a publisher, date …

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