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Academic integrity
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Academic integrity
Academic integrity is one of the character-driven which is coined to self-commitment and honesty in doing what is right and giving guidance to others to do the right thing. To avoid plagiarism in academics, students are supposed to write their work and to trust the value of one’s intelligent. In this case, students are supposed to take vivid research honestly and to give credit for all their work done (Mansoor & Ameen, 2016). Academic integrity is essential both in academic and professional life because it makes ones to produce a clear picture of his/her academic accomplishment.
In life, those students who have integrity always work hard to earn their degrees in a fair and honest ground. When such scholars are sent to field. They perform excellently as compared to those who use other means to get their degrees. In most case, the academic integrity makes the students participate in scholarly activities with easy because it makes them be to open and honest in all their activities. In addition, it is also disrespectful in the educational facility for a person to study and end up producing information which does not reflect one’s strengths and weakness. For instance, when a medical student plagiarizes ones work and gets a degree, he/she will go to the field but fail to deal with the lives of people because of integrity.
To put in practice academic integrity in both academic and profes…

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