Academic Integrity

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Academic Integrity

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Academic Integrity

Violation of the Code of Academic Integrity
One of the events that have shaped my academic life is being involved in a plagiarism saga. Precisely, in one of the microbiology class, I submitted a capstone, which had varying levels of similarity index from published articles. The code of academic integrity definitely prohibits using other people’s work and attempting to deliver it as my own without acknowledging the source. I also failed to cite all the sources and passages. Moreover, I delivered the appropriate citations although I did not change the wording, and structure of the copied thoughts and ideas (Wan & Scott, 2015). Most of my sources were inaccurately cited which led to high level of plagiarism. For this reason, the originality of the work was quite poor because I did not utilize my own ideas. In fact, I relied profoundly on the work of other people. The university considers cases of plagiarism as an abuse of copyright laws. In addition, such cases can lead to discontinuation or failure because it is academic cheating. The university categorizes the cases of plagiarism as a serious academic offense (Kolb, Longest & Singer, 2015).
Some of the factors that contributed to decision to copy various pieces of publications without acknowledging the sources were attributed to academic procrastination (Anderson, Shaw, Steneck, Konkle & Kamata, 2013). In this regard, I did not take close attention to develop my own…

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