AC U4DB response 1 and 2

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AC U4DB response 1 and 2

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What I have leant from the first response. From the first response it is evident that for COSO to be efficient and effective it must follow the five principles the student stated beginning from control environment all the way to monitoring. The questions that tend to pop up as one goes through the post are as follows, how are the principles laid going to be fully effective? I would like the student to give a better clarification on the ways COSO have been able to their work more efficiently before without the use of the said principles.(COSO, 2013) There are more of similarities between my posting and the first response regarding the points stated on monitoring of the organization. In m my opinion, comparing the above data from my classmates and my I think the data provided will give a solution to the problem. There is no better way to provide other data unless the provided data fails is when there has to an alternative.
The second response is a bit similar to response one. What I have learnt from the second response is the way the organization uses the expanded dynamic risk assessment process. From the second response it is deeply elaborate. The question on how COSO deals with the external problems tend to varies. From above we see the way the organization deals with internal problems. It would be interesting to learn the external as well. The question that needs to be clarified better in the second response is how do …

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