Abuse of Power in The Crucible and Current Issues

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Abuse of Power in The Crucible and Current Issues

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The Crucible
Abuse of Power in the Crucible and Current Issues
Deputy Governor Danforth and Judge Hawthorne. The scope and independence of organizations, arms of government such as the judiciary and the influence of political leaders have heightened concerns about power administration. In most cases, these leaders tend to abuse their power, and The Crucible by Arthur Miller depicts this well. Courts are corrupt, the Deputy Governor Danforth and Judge Hawthorne are unwilling to disclose how courts are unfair, and they abuse their power. Danforth abuses his authority when he refuses to defer the hangings of John Proctor despite pleas from Reverend Hale in act four of the play. The Deputy Governor permits to proceed for hangings despite the shaky condition as the town is near rebellion over the wrongness of the trials. He says that postponement will speak foundering on his part. He adds that pardon or reprieve will not be fair as it will cast doubt on those who have been killed up to that date (Miller 129). The governor would rather hang innocent souls rather than undermine his authority, and his concern is just to retain his power.
Thomas Putnam. Thomas Putnam abuses his power to increase his ill-gotten wealth. Putnam is the wealthiest man in Salem community and takes advantage of corrupt courts to get revenge for those who close his way. In act three, Giles Corey stands up to represent visible evidence on how Thomas abuses his power as the fa…

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