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Lynx Pardinus
AbstractScientifically known as Lynx Pardinus, the Iberian Lynx is one of the few species of the wildcat that is mainly found in the southern part of Europe. Other places of residences include southern France and the southern Mediterranean Iberia. This is one of the few animals that have been listed as an endangered species in the red list. Other common names include parcel and the Spanish lynx. Its main origin is the Iberian Peninsula, hence its name, the Iberian lynx. The animal preys fully on the European rabbits. At one time, the Lynx Pardinus was mainly inhabiting the Iberian Peninsula and the south of France. However, its population extended ion the 1950s towards the Galicia and Portugal. Currently, they are also found in southern Spain. These places are well populated by the European rabbit that he animal mainly feds on.
On appearance, Lynx Pardinus have yellow to tawny furs with black spots. It has a short body with relatively long legs. In contrast to the other cats, it has a shorter tail. The other outstanding feature is its small head with facial whiskers. The males are more extended, ranging from 74 to 82 centimeter compared to the females that are between 68 to 72 centimeters. The animal only gives birth on an annual basis and their breeding periods are between Januarys to July when there is plenty of food. For the young ones, they live in the hollow trees where they are taken care of by their mother until they can hunt w…

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