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Abstract of a provided article

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Pre-hospital Delay for Patients with STEMI: Article Abstract
The World Health Organization indicates that cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. Pre-hospital delays tend to cause significant effects on the patients and increase their mortality rate. The female gender is one of the factors that has implications. Furthermore, there is no research regarding the issue conducted in the Arab culture. Therefore, this research was done with the motive of exploring some of the factors contributing to the pre-hospital delays among the STEMI patients of Saudi Arabia.
This researched used mixed study methods and a sample of three hundred and eleven patients. These patients presented with STEMI in the major hospitals located in Riyadh for five months in 2011 (Alshahrani, McConkey, Wilson, Youssef, & Fitzsimons, 2014). One hundred and eighty-nine patients, among them thirty-six females were found eligible. They were interviewed, which were conducted using the Responses to Symptom Questionnaires. Another significant sample of eighteen patients, which included nine females, took part in the qualitative interviewing process which had been transcribed and taped before the analysis.
The findings indicated that there was a 5-hour pre-hospital delay for males while that of the females was about 12.9 hours. Using the Standard multiple regression, it was determined that the female gend…

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