abraham maslow theory of self-actualization

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abraham maslow theory of self-actualization

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Self-Actualization Theory by Abraham Maslow
This paper conveys credible information relating to the origin of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization theory, how Abraham Maslow came up with the theory and the applicability of the theory in real life situation. The paper also covers the personal background of Maslow and the view of other researchers concerning the theory. The format of the paper includes an introductory page, the body, and a conclusion. The important points summarized in this paper are that personality is largely determined by the experience of a person and that people with the personality of focusing on the problem rather than themselves are called Self-actualized. Self-actualized have other many characteristics such as high creativity.

Personality entails different traits observed in different people. These traits range from behavioral patterns, emotion, and cognition. Different people have different abilities regarding feeling and thinking. As humans, personality is what defines us. Personality is a very crucial factor in determining how an individual can succeed in his/her endeavors. According to theorists such as Abraham Maslow, personality is composed of five big aspects commonly known as the big five. These factors include; emotionality, extroversion, conscience of an individual, the ability to agree (agreeableness) and openness to experiences (Frick, 2013). These factors are what determine the personality …

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