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Student-Teacher Relationship
Apparently, every educational system and institutions dwell around two major key players who are the students and the teachers. Learning is a continuous process which cannot take place in the absence of either the students or the teachers. Thus, the relationship of the students and teachers in and out of the classroom is paramount.
Primarily, the relationship between the students and their teachers should not only be limited to the classroom but rather even beyond the academic work. A significant reason for such extra-curricular exchanges is to build a close and friendly environment and relationship that promotes understanding. Evidently, when the students find it very easy to approach their teachers without any fear, they are more likely to excel as compared to when they see their teachers as enemies. According to Rose Mike in her book, “Lives on the Boundary,” she emphasizes the fact that teachers can easily monitor the activities of their students once there is a cordial relationship existing among them (Rose 83). Therefore, at no point should one argue that there should be a broader gap existing between the teachers and their students.
In addition to that, once the teachers and students engage in discussing other subjects which are outside the academic work, they get to build each other mentally through the sharing of ideas which can help promote talents. Such l…

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