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The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is a novel by Scott Fitzgerald which was published in 1925. It is a famous literary work that is studied in American classrooms. The story is about a millionaire by the name of Jay Gatsby who had earned his wealth through an unclear means and tries by all means to get love. One may compare this novel to Romeo and Juliet, but in The Great Gatsby, there is much more than just a story about love. It reflects on the emptiness of a life of leisure. Gatsby tries creating a beautiful future with Daisy by reinstating the past.
The author uses Nick Carraway as the narrator, who also happens to be a long time friend of Gatsby. The speaker of the story gets to be invited to one of the legendary parties hosted by the millionaire, where he learns of the hidden affection that Gatsby had for Daisy (Nick’s cousin), who is Tom’s wife. Tom was Carraway’s friend from college. Therefore, he felt the obligation to tell him what he had uncovered. However, on their trip to the city, the narrator finds out that Daisy’s husband had yet another woman, who was someone else’s wife (Wulick).
Many rumors spread about Gatsby, which made him feel unappreciated and threatened by society. His wealth was associated with criminal acts. Time back before Gatsby was all rich, he and Daisy were in love, but he had to leave for Europe as he embarked on military duty during the Great War. When he overstayed overseas, Tom proposed to daisy…

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