Abortion Law

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Abortion Law

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Abortion Laws
Abortion is the natural tendency of eliminating the human fetus from the mother. The acts of abortion were expressly agreed upon in the year 1973 via the case of Roe v. Wade, in which the plaintiff won, and the court ruled for abortion in her favor. The case was held in Texas, which was a state that did not allow abortion under any condition. Legalization of abortion was accepted in the region, though no federal law has been set in the US to support the legal process of abortion. There have been several debates on the issue, and most contend that abortion laws should be put in place to provide mothers with their rights of choice in accordance to the ninth amendment. However, the issue of legalizing abortion and the process of providing a federal law to that effect has not been easy, and this has brought about divisions among the pro-life and pro-choice groups, who argue against and for laws, which support abortion. The sentiments of the pro-choice should be taken into consideration, because mothers are supposed to be given the opportunity to make choices that concern their pregnancies. Even though both groups have strong points on the issues of abortion, those who argue against abortion forget the rights of the mother, the privilege of the fetus and the general society that follow after different cultures. These factors clearly provide the guideline that should be followed by society in deciding whether abortion s…

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