Aboriginals Culture

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Aboriginals Culture

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Violence Tendencies on Increased Rate of Suicide (Case Study of Canadian First Nations)

Violence Tendencies on Increased Rate of Suicide (Case Study of Canadian First Nations)
Research problem
Understanding the history of Canadian aboriginals is essential in investigating the relationship between higher tendencies of violence about culture and its influence on the high rate of suicide between the First nations’ two tribes. Long before the arrival of the European in Canada, the aboriginal tribes including Inuit and Metis inhabited the region. The presence of the Europeans sparked several wars that would go on for some years that left scores dead and several others injured, displaced, and disillusioned. Being a traditional people, the aboriginals fought with the foreigners to protect their territory and culture. What the natives prided in as a rich way of life was considered barbaric and backward by the invaders, a status that they sought to challenge through colonization. The interference of the natives’ lives led to bitterness and despair among the people with a permanent scar that has been passed down from generation to generation. To date, aboriginals still leave in the same fear and resentment leading to a good number of them turning to substance abuse as a means of survival and source of comfort. Violence has been experienced at different levels including from family members at home, from law enforcers, and from fellow community members. Alt…

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