Abolishing the Death Penalty

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Abolishing the Death Penalty

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Abolishing the Death Penalty
The global fight against the capital punishment involving executions of criminals is reaping benefits. Bodies like Amnesty International in liaison with the United Nations have been in the forefront urging nations worldwide to drop this heinous act. The death penalty does not only infringe on the human right to life but also on the right to free and fair hearing. Several cases have gotten highlighted of countries misusing this punishment. Rogue systems of governance have been seen over the years to use this rule unfairly discriminating against religious beliefs, the poor, and even against their enemies (Europe 23-205). When people are unjustly subjected to die for their mistakes, it raises concerns about this inhumane act.
However, there is hope for those championing the eradication of this law in the legal system. In most countries, the public, as well as human right bodies, have united in the campaign for the abolishment of the act. Today, research shows that about two-thirds of countries globally have either banned the law entirely or no longer practice it in their legal systems. Statistically, this number represents at least 104 nations. This figure shows an increase from the previous 16 countries when Amnesty started this fight (Bae 1-83). The growth that has gotten witnessed in the number of those countries abolishing the practice is encouraging.
Furthermore, studies have shown that even for …

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