Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal Psychology Responses
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Abnormal Psychology Responses
Response 1: Karen
I indeed believe the statement that there is recent massive epidemic in infantile autism is a fiction. In my view, the issue of autism has been in existence most probably since the beginning of human society. The approximations of the incidence of autism before the 1980s are grounded on individual clinicians and sometimes on the conceptions of specific researchers (Gernsbacher, Dawson & Goldsmith, 2005). I want you to understand that there was fluctuation since the factors continued to present variations into the already existing approximations. It is for this reason that the diagnostic approach for autism has changed leading to more diagnosis. Therefore, it is not right to indicate that the number of children of children suffering from autism has increased. There is no factual scientific confirmation indicating an escalation in the sum of diagnosed autism from anything apart from the extended diagnostic principles.
Response 2: Jerica
I think you believe that there has been massive epidemic in the infantile autism. Nonetheless, you feel that there is an overdiagnosis after thorough research. In my view and also based on the article that does not believe in autism being epidemic, the increase in autism is grounded on the changes in diagnostic approaches (Volkmar, Reichow & McPartland, 2012). In fact, the changes associated with diagnostic app…

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