Ability and Disability in the Parker Case

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Ability and Disability in the Parker Case

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Ability and Disability in the Parker Case
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Ability and Disability in the Parker Case
People with disability face the highest level of discriminations. The discrimination starts from the family level to the workplace. Many have come out to confess the level of discrimination they have gone through even at the hands of loved ones. The case of Parker who is Bipolar is an example of a young energetic lady who is judged by her family because of her condition. People especially family members tend to make unfounded assumptions about these conditions which result to stigma. Parker explains how at one point she tried committing suicide but when she returned back home no one cared or talked about the issue. According to her every family member acted like everything was okay and that nothing had happened (Laureate Education, 2013). This is an example of the insensitivity that the condition is bandied within our society.
Many have come out to call disability with different negative names that threaten to significantly marginalize individuals. In this case study many see her as someone who is ill and has issues with her mental state. They have failed to acknowledge that this is a condition that can be effectively managed. Some call this a state of emotional instability and refer to people in this condition as weak (Federman, 2010). The truth is, these are normal people who can achieve more greater things than even Parkers family members. …

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